An Invitation

Calling out to All Women of Abrahamic Faiths! 

Salaam, Peace, Shalom 

We are three Daughters of Eve, inviting you to join us in a Global Conversation with your sisters.  On July 7, 2013 at 12pm EDT/5pm BST/6pm CET, we are hosting a free call for the Daughters of Eve.

Why a Global Conversation for All Daughters of Eve?

The three of us are weary of all the bad news in the world about religious people fighting with each other, especially the three Abrahamic faiths.   Jews, Christians, and Muslims get a lot of bad press. We are told we hate each other. We are told we will always be enemies.

We don’t believe this is true. We believe we are ordinary people wanting ordinary lives for our children and grandchildren, and beyond…and wanting the same for each other.

We know from our own experiences and work that there are many of us doing the work of reconciliation and relationship building among our sisters.   Because we are Daughters of Eve, we decided to host this call as a way for us to shine the light on all the women doing the good work of connecting and building relationships with their sisters of other Abrahamic faiths.

It is our hope that discovering you are not alone in this work will be an encouragement to you…and hopefully, you will build some new connections.

There is more light in the world than darkness. Finding each other will ignite the light and help crowd out the darkness.

Eventbrite - Global Conversation for the Daughters of Eve

What will happen on the call?

Once the call begins, Saira, Ruth, and I will share why this call is important to us. We are not showing up as experts. Everyone’s voice deserves to be heard. To accomplish this, we will put you into small groups (virtually). You will be invited to share in your small group why this conversation is important to you.  This will be repeated a few more times with new questions and new groups.

We hope you will join us in this conversation on July 7. Sign up now.

Eventbrite - Global Conversation for the Daughters of Eve


3 thoughts on “An Invitation

  1. Nicola – thank you for the encouragement and for sharing this invitation with your friends. Each one of us doing the thing we can, can change the world. I’m grateful for my friends and collaborators, Ruth Friedman and Saira Nisa.

  2. My schedule probably won’t have room tomorrow….sorry to miss this… Such an important conversation and forward action….

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